We at Steddy's understand that these are uncertain times for everyone, but especially the people that need care and help at home. That's why we are still open and will be doing deliveries on certain products that customers need for their day to day living. Please be sure that we will be taking every precaution and hygiene measure for the process of delivery. Our main priority is to make sure your daily lives are affected as little as possible due to the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment. Just call us on 01656 668775 to check we have the specific product in stock, and if not we always have alternatives. We will be more than happy to help you with any queries along the way. Stay Safe.

Providing a wide range of Disability Services

Our specialist services cover all of South Wales including Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport, Barry, Neath, Port Talbot, Rhondda, Torfaen, Swansea, Llanelli and Carmarthen.

Steddy have many interlocking divisions, each of which inform the other and ensures that we deliver the very best service to our customers.

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Our Care Services


Steddy has been providing Home Care throughout all areas of South Wales. We currently provide Home Care for local Councils including Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot, Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff.

The Domiciliary Care team understand how important it is to remain living at home. We offer a flexible affordable service for you or your loved one to provide expert care for both Adults and Children, from a couple of hours a week to more complex care. Our trained and supportive carers always strive to perform their duties with warmth and kindness, providing help and support whenever needed.
Caring in the community
What do we provide?
  • Personal care, escorted outings (shopping, social activities, appointments)
  • Help with administration of medications general support and sitting service (from 1-24 hours)
  • Light meals preparation
  • Cleaning and domestic calls
  • Advice on Local Authority funding and private funding
When do we provide care?
  • We provide Care 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
Call our friendly and experienced Care Team today for more information and advice on 01656 668775.
Care in the home


Steddy provide wide range of products and services to help you to remain living at home. Whether you require kitchen, bedroom or bathroom alterations or help with aid products, fitting hand rails or stairlifts, our experienced team can advise you on the best options available.
Expert product advice

Occupational therapy (OT) is a science degree-based, health and social care profession, regulated by the Health and Care Professional Council. Occupational therapy takes a "whole-person approach" to both mental and physical health and wellbeing and enables individuals to achieve their full potential.
RCOT 2018

Out team of Occupational Therapists are able to provide a multitude of assessments and services to meet their needs of individuals across their life span. We can provide specialist services such as those listed below.

If you would like further information about Occupational Therapy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Children And Young Adults

Occupational Therapy Services for Children and Young Adults


We accept referrals for Occupational Therapy from families, Charities, Solicitors, Case Managers and Statutory Services.

Potential reasons for referral could include difficulties with sensory processing, personal care, life skills, eating and drinking, handwriting, movement and coordination, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, gross motor skills, social engagement, anxiety, planning and organisation, etc. We can also explore equipment, adaptations and moving and handling needs. If you would like to book an initial assessment or make an enquiry, please contact Steddy.

Following receipt of a referral, we aim to provide a quote and where accepted, make an appointment within a timely manner to complete an initial assessment. It is a crucial part of Occupational Therapy to understand the individual’s areas of skill and areas where they need to develop or require support. Assessments are holistic, gathering useful information about the individual’s functioning in a multitude of settings (e.g. home, school and the community) and involve the individual and their caregivers.

After the initial assessment, a report will be prepared to outline the individual’s current abilities and the areas that have been identified for further development. Quotes for ongoing therapeutic intervention will be supplied where required.

All paediatric assessments and reports are completed by experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapists. The Occupational Therapists regularly engage in Continuing Professional Development activities to build on their skills and the services that they can offer. If you would like to book an initial assessment or make an enquiry, please contact Steddy.

Within our assessment reports, we will make recommendations for the frequency and type of ongoing therapeutic intervention required. Recommendations are tailored to the individual’s needs and will be goal orientated where possible. Quotes will be produced and discussed with the referrer.

At times, we may need to recommend further assessment using checklists such as the Sensory Profile 2 or standardised tests such as the BOT2 and VMI, which will give us greater detail about the individual’s difficulties and areas in which they require support.

Therapeutic intervention can fall into two categories; Direct Therapy and Consultancy.

Direct Therapy involves the Occupational Therapist working directly with the individual to develop their skills and to work towards meeting the goals that have been identified. For example, an individual may require weekly sessions. The Occupational Therapist will engage with the wider Multidisciplinary Team where required for the benefit of the individual.

Consultancy involves the Occupational Therapist working alongside the individual, their family and where possible the Multidisciplinary Team to provide advice and assist with skill development so that those closest to the individual can develop skills to meet their needs.

Reports can be prepared at the point of initial assessment, further assessment, interim reviews of goals and at the end of a period of intervention.


Steddy supply an Occupational Therapy service for many Housing Associations producing detailed reports suitable for grant application.

We understand and implement the processes involved with Physical Adaptation Grants (PAG) through the Welsh Assembly Government.

Our detailed reports can be tailored to your specific requirements and can also contain additional equipment based recommendations for the client. This ensures holistic assessment of an individual’s home environment is provided.

Our turnaround period to meet with the client is usually around one week. We feel this ensures that priority is given to each referral in order to speed up the whole process for the Housing Association and ultimately the client.

Our team of experienced installers are able to carry out the physical adaptations and supply the equipment recommended in line with the written reports, giving a seamless and accurate outcome to the grant application.

We also provide disability equipment and servicing for stair lifts, through floor lifts, step lifts and hoists.


Steddy has years of experience in Case Management of individuals with acquired brain injury and other physical difficulties. Steddy prides itself in helping our clients reach their individual goals and achieve the quality of life to which each individual aspires.

Our Case Managers (Occupational Therapists and Nurses) having produced an Immediate Needs assessment will then, together with the client, implement those recommendations. These recommendations may range from the sourcing of equipment, the provision of counselling, the arrangement of therapies to the implementation of strategies to overcome challenging behaviour.

We provide continuing Case Management Services for adults and children both pre and post settlement in Personal Injury Litigation and through NHS or Social Services funding.


Steddy offers experienced Expert Witnesses and ensures that the reports produced by our Occupational Therapists for medico legal purposes are of the highest quality.

The identification and costing of care needs, equipment needs, accommodation needs, therapy needs and employment or schooling needs are all aspects that our reports cover in detail.

These reports have regularly contributed to the client receiving financial compensation commensurate with their needs as a result of a disability, whether that disability be a result of head injury, a spinal injury, mesothelioma, orthopaedic condition such as amputation or birth catastrophe.

We offer an immediate and cost effective service throughout, whilst adhering to the agreed timescales.

Steddy have many interlocking divisions, each of which inform the other and ensures that we deliver the very best service to our customers.

Our divisions continually develop and currently include Domiciliary Care, Occupational Therapy Services, Training, Disability Products, Building Services and Wheelchair and Scooter Servicing.

Locum OT

At Steddy we have Occupational Therapists with a wide range of experiences who are able to provide a locum OT service bespoke to your needs. Please contact us if you wish to discuss the locum services that you require.

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Our Training Services

Training Your Staff

We have a specialist Training Department at Steddy to meet the needs of employers, health organisations, families, clients and professionals.

Our fully qualified and experienced trainers undertake various training courses both in-house and externally. We have the flexibility to adapt to your specific training requirements.

Our Training courses are utilised by individual organisations such as Local Councils, Social Services, Nursing Homes, Care Homes and Care Agencies. In addition, we also offer training for Universities, Colleges and Schools.

Training Video

Manual Handling: An example of one of our Manual Handling Training Courses

Available courses:

Acute Illness
To provide knowledge to participants who are caring for patients / clients with Acute Illnesses.

  • Recognise different types of illness
  • Identify the difference between chronic and acute illness
  • Explain problems and adverse effects commonly encountered
  • Discuss rational for different treatments.
Catheter And Stoma Care
To provide participants of knowledge surrounding catheter and stoma care.
  • Recognise need for catheter and stoma care
  • Identify types of medical equipment used
  • Explain risk of infection and problems commonly encountered
  • Discuss management of stoma and catheter care.
COPD And Asthma
To provide knowledge and skill to participants who are caring for patients/clients with COPD and Asthma.
  • Recognise the indications needed to give suction
  • Identify types of medical equipment used
  • Explain problems and adverse effects commonly encountered
  • Discuss policies and guidelines.
To provide knowledge and skill to participants who are caring or managing, patients / clients.
  • Recognise the indications of dementia
  • Identify types of dementia
  • Explain problems and effects commonly encountered
  • Discuss medication and treatment.
Disability Awareness
To provide knowledge and awareness to participants who are initiating with patients/clients that are disabled.
  • Recognise issues that occur in daily activities
  • Identify types of disability
  • Explain problems commonly encountered
  • Complete a ADL form.
End Of Life Care
To provide participants with knowledge and skills required to care for an individual at end of life.
  • Recognise the dying patient
  • Identify specific care needs relating to end of life care
  • Discuss ethical issues surrounding end of life care.
Provide participants with better awareness of epilepsy and the care needs of an individual with epilepsy.
  • To identify causes of epilepsy
  • Recognise different seizures and management of a seizure
  • Identify ‘triggers’ of seizures
  • Underline care needs of the individual following a seizure
  • Discuss common medication used in epilepsy and seizures.
First Aid
Provide participants with the knowledge and skill to assist an individual in an emergency situation.
  • Identify the role of the first aider
  • Explain the primary and secondary survey
  • Discuss injuries and treatment
  • Identify airway, breathing and circulatory problems Perform CPR.
Food Hygiene
To provide participants with knowledge of good food safety practice.
  • Explain the need for food hygiene
  • Discuss relevant legislation
  • Identify food poisoning and contamination risks
  • Apply food hygiene to scenarios.
Infection Control
To provide participants with knowledge of controlling Infection.
  • Recognise infection
  • Identify risk factors
  • Explain micro-organism growth
  • Underline relevant legislation
  • Discuss infection prevention and control procedures.
Training Room
Management Of Diabetes
Deliver Awareness and how to manage Diabetes.
  • Identify types of Diabetes
  • Recognise symptoms of hypo / hyperglycaemia
  • Chronic disease association
  • Discuss common problems / complications of Diabetes
  • Physiology of Diabetes
  • First Aid Management
  • Medication used
  • Write a simple daily management plan.
Manual Handling Passport / Refresher
To provide knowledge and practical experience of Manual Handling.
  • Identify principles of safer moving and handling
  • Explain manual handling risk assessments
  • Discuss relevant legislation
  • Identify potential risks
  • Demonstrate equipment and practice safer manual handling techniques.
To provide knowledge to participants whom are undertaking the management, and administration of medication.
  • Identify medicine types and groups
  • List different administration routes
  • Recognise contraindications
  • Discuss human rights in relation to medicines
  • Perform a practical and theoretical assessment.
Oxygen Therapy
To provide knowledge to participants who are caring for patients/clients having Oxygen Therapy.
  • Recognise different types of illness that needs Oxygen therapy
  • Identify medical equipment
  • Explain problems and adverse effects commonly encountered
  • Discuss contraindications.
Paediatric First Aid
To provide participants with knowledge of paediatric first aid.
  • Identify paediatric emergency situations
  • Discuss injuries and treatment
  • Apply first aid knowledge to scenarios
  • Perform paediatric CPR.
To provide knowledge and skill to participants who are caring for patients / clients with Parkinson’s.
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms and drugs used
  • Identify types of medical equipment used
  • Explain problems and adverse effects commonly encountered
  • Discuss emotional and ethical issues.
To provide knowledge and skill to participants who are caring for patients / clients with a peg feed.
  • Recognise the indications needed for a peg (Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Identify types of medical equipment used
  • Explain problems and adverse effects commonly encountered
  • Discuss policies and guidelines.
To provide participants with knowledge and skills needed to execute issues surrounding the prevention of vulnerable adults.
  • Recognise signs and indications of abuse
  • Discuss relevant legislation
  • Identifying the vulnerable adult
  • Explain POVA procedures and the POVA referral process
  • Complete a VA1 form.
Stoma Care
To provide knowledge and skill to participants who are giving stoma care.
  • Recognise the need for stoma care
  • Identify types of medical equipment used
  • Explain problems commonly encountered
  • Discuss management of stoma care.
To provide knowledge and skill to participants who are giving suction to patients / clients.
  • Recognise the indications needed to give suction
  • Identify types of medical equipment used
  • Explain problems and adverse effects commonly encountered
  • Discuss policies and guidelines.
To have a greater understanding of transient ischemic attacks and the difficulties that service users might experience.
  • To provide a background on the causes of TIA and CVA
  • Identify the difference between chronic and acute illness
  • To identify specific areas of difficulty, including mobility, eating and drinking, speech and cognition
  • Appreciate some of the practical barriers that people suffering with TIA / CVA experience.

Disability Aids

Our Bridgend showroom stocks mobility, bath and showering, toileting, personal care, bed and chair, comfort, health and leisure, around the house and kitchen and dining products.

We supply all the top brands so you are guaranteed reliability and quality throughout our range. Our online shop is under maintenance while we are crearting a new shop. We will be up and running shortly so please do come back very soon. Thank you for your patience.
Motability Accredited

We are Motability scooter and
powered wheelchair suppliers.

We stock all leading brands

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Our Bridgend showroom stocks mobility, bath and showering, toileting, personal care, bed and chair, comfort, health and leisure, around the house and kitchen and dining products. We supply top brands so you are guaranteed reliability and quality throughout our range.

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6 days

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24-48 hr

Fast delivery


We have an experienced team of builders and associated tradesmen who are all fully trained in the installation of level access showers, stair lifts and kitchens for building adaptations and extensions.

Our Building team consists of an experienced Building Manager and a team of tradesman, which include electricians, bricklayers, plasterers and plumbers. We pride ourselves on our fast reliable service to meet individual needs. Our efficient team of builders, plumbers and electricians are friendly, trustworthy and all are CRB checked.

Wet Rooms

We are leading suppliers of wet rooms and walk in showers and all the components, fittings and materials that you need to build your customised bathroom. We only use quality proven products from well known leading manufacturers from our range of fast flow drain wet room kits, walk in shower trays and showers screens. You can be sure of a professional finish.


Our Stair Lift Manager is available to answer any questions and offer friendly and professional advice regarding both the installation and maintenance of a stair lift or through floor lift for your home or business.

We offer a free no obligation survey and quote for both straight and curved stair lifts, combined with an excellent after sales service.

Committed to making life easier
Access to upper floors can be enjoyed by smooth start mechanism which allows you to glide effortlessly up and down the stairs whenever you want to.
  • Straight stair lifts fitted within 5-7 days
  • Curved stair lifts fitted within 7-10 days
  • 12 month warranty on all stair lifts
  • Call out service
  • FREE service at 12 months
  • FREE stair lift quotation

Disability Equipment

We offer a huge range of everyday mobility products from toileting aids, bathing aids and sporting aids to daily living aids such as cutlery, can openers, walking sticks, medication boxes and comfort products such as shoe horns and slippers.

Our website offers over 10,000 products online for ease of purchase for our customers.

Specialist Mobility Equipment

We have highly experienced staff available offering both practical and professional advice to help choose the correct equipment to suit the individual.

Our skilled staff include a team of technicians and tradesmen supported by our team of experienced Occupational Therapists. We have a large fully stocked showroom displaying a vast amount of specialist equipment such as specialised chairs, wheelchairs, rise and recline chairs, scooters, ramps, hoists and beds.

We also offer a home or office demonstration service for our customers so that they can try the product within the comfort of their own home or workplace.

Maintenance Services

Wheelchair and Scooter Services

Motability scooter and powered wheelchair maintenance is essential to keep you on the road. Our qualified technicians provide servicing and maintenance for wheelchairs and scooters all from our in-house workshop.

Steddy’s are authorised dealers for the majority of manufactures including Invacare, Roma Medical, Karma, Kymco, Sunrise Medical and TGA.

Benefits • Free Estimate • Home Collection Service or Customer Drop off Service • Trained qualified technicians • We aim to carry out all repairs with integrity keeping your costs down to the absolute minimum. • We can check your batteries on our capacity tester, which shows the capacity percentage of each battery at our workshop. • Annual Maintenance recall service

Annual Maintenance
Power wheelchairs and mobility scooters require annual maintenance to keep them running safely and in top condition.

By maintaining your wheelchair or scooter annually, you can prevent potential problems from occurring and limit the need for repairs. We make it easy for you to properly maintain your equipment by having one of our qualified technician’s collect your wheelchair / scooter from your home.

We provide maintenance on the following parts:
• Batteries • Joysticks • Controllers • Motors • Tyres and wheels • Battery Chargers • Armrests

Available In Store
• Batteries available at low prices • Tyres and Tubes - please contact us for prices quoting your tyre size. Fitting service available.

Wheelchair Hire
Steddy also offer wheelchair hire with a £20.00 deposit and flexible rentable terms Day Hire - £5.00 per day, £30.00 per week, £15.00 for weekend hire, £100.00 per month

Jobs available - call us now!

Vacancies in Bridgend, Port Talbot And Pontardawe (Must have own transport)

Are you caring, enthusiastic and looking for a challenging, fulfilling opportunity?

Applicants will need to hold a full driving licence, have their own transport and have the right to work in the UK. All successful candidates, irrespective of their previous experience, will complete our comprehensive induction training course at our head office in Bridgend. It’s ideal if you have a previous care background but this is not essential as full training will be provided.

• Competitive rate of pay
• Mileage allowance
• Paid travel time
• Uniform Provided
• Company contributory pension scheme
• Opportunity to work towards a recognised qualification
• Career progression – we promote from within
• Company benefits scheme
• Additional paid day off for your birthday after completing 6 month probation
• Recommend a friend referral £75.00 for new starter and member of team that has made the referral

I haven’t worked in care before. Can I still apply? Of course, we will provide training on all the skills you’ll require to reach the nationally recognised QCF qualifications in Health and Social Care. All we need from you is the right personality and the right attitude to learn.

What hours are available?
Full Time, Part Time and Relief (dependent on role) for a flexible work-life balance. What happens once I have applied? Do successful and unsuccessful applicants get contacted?
Successful applicants will receive a phone call to arrange an interview. If you are unsuccessful we will send you an email.

Call 01656 668775 for more information or email us direct or fill in our online form

We will call you back and send you an application form.


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