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Expert Witness Reports

Over 18 years of experience of working as Expert Witnesses has ensured that the reports produced by our Occupational Therapists for medico legal purposes are of the highest quality. We can provide trained and highly experienced consultants with qualifications in Nursing and Occupational Therapy.

The indentifcation and costing of care needs, equipment needs, accommodation needs, therapy needs and employment or schooling needs are all aspects that our reports cover in detail.

These reports have regularly contributed to the client receiving financial compensation commensurate with their needs as a result of a disability, whether that disability be a result of head injury, a spinal injury, mesothelioma, orthopaedic condition such as amputation or birth catastrophe.

We offer an immediate and cost effective service throughout, whilst adhering to the agreed timescales.

Our consultants have extensive experience of attending court and case conferences.


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